LEO Pharma’s executive committee strengthens its resilience and agility through neurotechnology


Open Mind Neurotechnologies, in partnership with its certified executive coach Vincent Dietsch (Latitude45), supported LEO Pharma in a project to give its executive committee new impetus by adopting an approach centred on resilience, agility, innovation and the joint creation of new ways of working together. 

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The experience had a huge impact on the whole team. The opportunity to link neuroscience, bodily responses, creativity and innovation gave us something very powerful that helped us develop a better understanding of how we as a team could be more resilient and more agile when faced with uncertain or changing situations.


Karine Duquesne, General Manager – LEO Pharma France


  • A team reshuffle during the COVID crisis, creating a need to establish strong connections in record time due to hybrid working
  • The need to grow the business and support the whole organisation in a time of uncertainty caused by the pandemic


Ten leaders from LEO Pharma France took part in the Open Mind Neurotechnologies virtual-reality exercise, which helped make them aware of their strengths and areas for development so they could create new impetus for the team.

Three key programme activities:

Individual virtual-reality assessment for each leader

Individual feedback
from the coach


Bilan en réalité virtuelle

After an interview with executive coach Vincent Dietsch, each participant was then immersed in a stimulating virtual-reality environment, while their bodily responses were measured objectively using sensors, with real-time biofeedback

The coach gave each participant individual feedback on the results of their emotional and cognitive assessment. Using the objective data collected during the virtual-reality exercise, each leader developed an awareness of the working methods and behaviours they needed to focus on

Analyses groupales

Following the individual feedback sessions, group workshops were held based on the anonymised data, creating a space for authentic dialogue, where everyone could share their vision of how the team worked and what it meant to them. Leaders were able to work on managing their energy levels, resilience and uncertainty through collaborative exercises and insights from neuroscience


The full force of data and technology being used to support a down-to-earth and committed team. It was an outstanding experience!
We learned so much in such a short period of time, sharing authentic experiences and exploring actions we could take to drive sustainable performance for each individual, for the team and for the organisation. I was very proud to have shared this great experience with Karine Duquesne and her management team


Vincent Dietsch, Professional Coach and founder of Latitude45



of the participants found it a truly unique experience in comparison to other more traditional offerings

An innovative experience where everyone has the opportunity to “challenge their beliefs”



noticed a positive impact on their well-being and performance

Teams are formed more quickly, with data to support the rapid creation of emotional bonds



noticed a positive impact on their ability to develop increased emotional resilience and agility when faced with uncertainty

Personalised follow-up for some leaders, targeted using precise diagnostics