Salesforce executive committee members boosted by coaching 4.0!

Learn how the best of digital and human sciences helped Salesforce strengthen its executive leadership in the midst of an unprecedented uncertainty and health crisis.

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Beyond being original and striking, the experience we co-constructed with the executive committee enabled us to go very quickly and very far in self-knowledge and in learning, which then allowed for precision coaching. Thanks to an approach combining individual and team development, a strong business focus, the power of data and human sciences, we were able to have a real impact on the well-being and performance of the team. The commitment and authenticity of the Executive Committee members are a big part of this!


Vincent Dietsch, founder of Latitude 45

The context of our intervention at Salesforce

Salesforce is a company known for its advanced customer relationship management solutions. It is also a leader in quality of life at work, as evidenced by its first place in the Great Place to Work Institute’s Best Workplaces France 2021 ranking.

Salesforce has been growing rapidly for the past 20 years, raising the challenges of leadership and team support tenfold. The health crisis has also shaken up individuals at every level, making it necessary for everyone to mobilise and fill their energy resources. It is in this context that the company wished to propose an innovative experience to its French Executive Committee, conducted by a partnership of Open Mind Neurotechnologies and Latitude45.

The Open Mind Neurotechnologies solution

The programme for the 13 members of the Executive Committee included neuroscience, virtual reality and data for individual and collective development.

4 months

Individual assessment in virtual reality
First group
Second group
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13 executive committee members completed an individual cognitive and emotional assessment using virtual reality games to identify their resources and levers for action


Following the assessment, each person had a personal interview with a psychologist from Open Mind and a coach from Latitude45 to set up a personal development plan

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Based on the data collected, two collective training sessions were organised for all the members of the executive committee with group exercises and techniques from neuroscience to promote communication and links within the team, and to learn how to better manage stress and energy


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100% of participants

A completely new individual experience


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