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A toolbox for your coaching, therapy, and training

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Our ambition ? To set a new standard for the future of human development.

For a more engaging, more objective, more innovative coaching

We have a range of innovative technologies built on neuroscientific research as well as on cognitive and behavioural therapies.

1. Serious game-based

Learn about your emotional,
cognitive, and social
Fun, fast, and modular.

2. Virtual reality

An in-depth assessment of how you function as measured by sensors during virtual reality games. Ideal for starting a coaching programme!

3. Virtual reality-based
training modules

Practise regulating your emotions and developing your capacity for innovation and creativity while playing a game with real-time biofeedback!

Our coaching tools for coach and psychologist measure 3 skill categories

cerveau compétences émotionnelles pour vos outils de coachings

Emotional grounding

  • Emotional and stress sensitivity
  • Ability to regulate emotions and stress
  • Self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Alignment with oneself and with one’s environment
cerveau compétences cognitives

Cognitive agility

  • Strategic planning and anticipation
  • Ability to concentrate and focus
  • Decision-making in an uncertain environment
  • Innovation potential
cerveau compétences sociales - coaching tools for coach

Authentic relationships

  • Empathy and connection with others
  • Collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Ability to unify
  • Persuasion and influence

Our coaching tools for coach are powered by machine learning

Test modules

Select the different modules
you need

Streamlined interface

Configure the entire automatic workflow for booking virtual reality sessions, confirming, sending questionnaires, and measuring impact

Automated reporting & data analysis

Automatically generate individual and group reports and compile advanced scores for your clients.

Outils de coaching pour coach et psy - coaching tools for coach

Training and certification

The Open Mind experience begins with training and certification.

You will learn about the physiological basis of stress, the dynamics of decision-making in uncertain situations, and all the other theoretical principles of neuroscientific research that helped us create our virtual reality games and modules.

You will also receive training on how to use your professional platform as well as automatically generated reports and scores generated using machine learning.

outils de coachings et formation coachs et psychologues