For your leaders, we offer innovative development programs, accelerated using technology. Discover our 4 training programs for your business:

Benefits compared to other existing experiences

Innovative experience

89% of leaders are able to train the control of their emotions, as an inner journey.

Objectivity of data

90% of our B2B clients find deep impact and a way to accelerate cultural change through unique objective data.

Scientific model

A robust model built on new leadership skills from neuroscience: emotions, flexibility in uncertain situations, etc.


A positive, solution-focused approach, that generates awareness and development for the candidate.

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Our Beliefs

The world is changing fast. Take your leader development to the next level with our combined diagnostic and data-driven coaching experience:

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Managing emotions
and resilience

Be self-aligned, respect your goals, maintain a balance between well-being and energy.

Avoidable costs: 25 billion euros for businesses due to burnout, disengagement, turnover

Source: OECD (2018) - figures for France

Interactions sociales authentiques


Be flexible, analytical or creative as required, always adapting and learning.

Survival: S&P 500 companies only stay at the top for an average of 10 years today (compared to 50+ years in the 1980s).

Source: World Economic Forum (2020) - The Future of Work

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social interactions

Inspire others by being real, be confident enough to empower and help others grow.

Outperform the competition: The first statistically-proven factor in team productivity is the psychological safety of the leader.

Source: Google study (2015)

Discover our post-COVID impact study on the
performance and mental health of executives