An innovative building block for your Manager Training programs

Accelerate the leadership skills of your Managers

Today’s managers need to develop new skills aimed at more resilient, humane, agile, and aligned leadership. Open Mind offers a training module that can be integrated directly into your managerial courses on key human skills post-COVID.

Day 1
Getting on board

Group webinar (45 min) to inspire and explain the next steps.

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Day 2 to Day 30
Individual immersion

Virtual reality immersion (90 min) or serious online games (60 min) to get in touch with how your own mind works.

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> Benefit : individualised experience using data.

Day 45
Group training

Group coaching based on an anonymised group data report (2 x 180 min).

Données de groupe formation manager entreprise

> Topic : Developing empathy and listening skills + leading the way in flexibility, innovation, adapting decision-making to uncertain situations.

Day 46+
Evaluate & maintain

Group data for HR and follow-up.

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Targeted individual coaching supported by technology (application, virtual reality and biofeedback…).

Casque VR formation entreprise

A 6-week group course based on objectively measured data through game-based virtual reality environments to look at new leadership skills. Program implemented by our certified Executive Coaches.

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Refreshingly different and transformative managerial training that addresses the key human leadership skills post-COVID

Managing emotions and resilience

Self-alignment and preservation of mental health


Ability to adapt to uncertainty and creativity

Authentic social interactions

Building self-confidence and developing emotional and social intelligence

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