Discover our unique training to develop the Leadership skills of your Female talents

Today, women who rise to the top often face deep-seated problems related to cultural representations and their underestimated abilities. Women have developed certain beliefs about their own performance and how they should behave.

Open Mind offers an innovative women’s leadership training programme, built on neuroscientific knowledge, to enable them to assert their own authentic leadership style and build confidence in their skills.

Individual immersion

Virtual reality immersion (90 min) or serious online games (60 min) to connect with your specific abilities and self-limiting beliefs.

casque VR formation innovante

> Reaction assessment during the game + debriefing of the data by a professional or by podcast (60′) to address biases in depth (60′)

Group Training

Group coaching based on an anonymised group data report, focusing on resilience & people skills (2 × 180 min).

Groupe leadership feminin

> Theme : identify the cognitive biases of the group & assert your authentic leadership potential

Evaluate et maintain

Group data for HR and follow-up.

Analyses groupales

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Targeted individual coaching supported by technology (application, virtual reality and biofeedback…)

A comprehensive, data-driven collective journey to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ of self-limiting beliefs and to help female talents assert and excel.

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Authentic Leadership

    Leadership Authentique

    Help women to excel with our women’s leadership training

    Break free from the chains

    Gain self-esteem and confidence

    Reveal your potential and develop your own leadership style

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