Discover our unique training to develop women leadership

Women leaders are a major asset for companies. However, developing a female talent pool is a real challenge today, one that traditional coaching and current programs have difficulty in meeting because the obstacles are deep. Women themselves come to underestimate their potential and censor their ambitions. What if we took advantage of neuroscience and technology advances to develop women leadership?

At Open Mind Neurotechnologies, we have built turnkey training courses over 8 weeks to develop women leadership in companies. We help women to gain confidence in their managerial abilities in order to reach their full potential.


An innovative individual

A virtual reality experience to discover the behaviours and self-limiting beliefs of female talents.

women leadership - formation leadership féminin avec la réalité virtuelle pour tester la concentration

A conscious and collective move towards
women's leadership

1. A group workshop to deconstruct preconceived ideas about women's leadership based on objective data.
2. Raising awareness of their specific abilities.

formation leadership féminin via une mise en mouvement consciente et collective

Break the glass ceiling with our leadership training for women

Overcoming your own barriers

Gaining self-esteem and

Revealing your potential and assuming your own leadership style

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