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The Omind approach for managers at all levels

You want your managers to transform their managerial practices towards a more authentic coaching posture, better able to get their teams on board and help them grow?

Do your junior managers need to gain the maturity to deal with any situation?

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Incorporate 90′ experiential workshops with virtual reality and data into your management training! Adopt authentic listening skills, take care of your own energy and that of your team, improve your ability to step back in a situation, develop your creativity…
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Integrate a “Discovery” module at the start of your management career to create awareness. With impact measurement!
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Create a new learning journey for your managers, or complete your current training programs. In experiences lasting 3 to 6 months, your managers will train with their peers and anchor new behaviors in their daily practices.
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Download our "Emotional intelligence - Neuroscience and experience
for human skills" training plan.

Intelligence Émotionnelle

What does Omind managers' training add?


learners become aware thanks to data

learners become aware
thanks to data

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Is it hard to question yourself when you’re a manager? Scientific data, derived from behavioral and physiological measurements, objectivize operating modes and blockages. 86% of our learners confirm that they have changed a belief about themselves during our experiences.
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learner engagement on blended learning programs

lot experiences formation Managers

Convincing everyone to take time out for training is often a daunting task for the training team. By combining different formats (e-learning, immersive experiences, peer-to-peer case studies, coaching, mobile app…), Omind optimizes time and maximizes learner engagement.

2 to 5x

less than the cost of a coaching = unrivalled impact!

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Omind measures an impact of 19% to 35% on emotional management, empathy, concentration… which translates into practice in the manager’s role: onboarding, communicating, giving feedback… But not everyone has the same needs. For a 14-hour program combining group and individual sessions, you spend an average of €1,792*, which is 3 times less than offering coaching to everyone.

Offre accompagnement des talents

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