Disability Policy

Our company is committed to complying as closely as possible with the framework of the French law 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled persons, for all of our service users.

We would like to highlight the following in our approach to disability:

Access, information and needs assessment: 
Through a central process based on systematic inclusion of specific information in communications and the involvement of the disability officer, who acts as the project leader for the needs assessment, using internal and external resources.

Equal opportunities, equal rights, non-discrimination and principles of compensation:
Through the strict application of laws and regulations relating to the provision of training within our organisation, depending on the options chosen, and management of our subcontractors. This also means that we are able to decide on reasonable adjustments for disability.

Promoting, facilitating and adapting access to physical or digital educational resources for people with disabilities as far as possible.

Integration, citizenship and participation in social life:
By implementing the legal obligations relating to content on this subject as a of the courses that require it. This includes work placements involving apprenticeship training centres (CFA)

Individual assessment of each request: 
We have created a ‘Disability Officer’ position in our organisation chart to address the management of this area in our day-to-day product and service offering. The role does not provide a universal solution, but it facilitates matters.

We extend a warm welcome to all our service users.
The Management team.

Disability Officer contact details : Deborah VAROQUI

+33 1 88 32 01 23 – handicap@omind.me

Standard model for assessing disability needs in service provision:

Identify type of disability and service required

Identify options and potential adjustments required

Select and implement the required measures with help from specialist partners

Communicate with internal teams, teaching staff and decision-making panels, as required