Disability policy

Our company is committed to complying as closely as possible with the 2005-102 law of February 11, 2005 on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship for people with disabilities, for all beneficiaries of our services.

We are keen to highlight our commitment to the disabled:

Welcome, information and evaluation of needs

Through a central process based on the systematic integration of specific information in communication, and the involvement of the disability referent as project manager for the implementation of needs evaluation piloting with internal and external resources.

Equal opportunities, rights, non-discrimination and compensation principles

By strictly applying the laws and regulations governing the implementation of training activities within our organization, according to the methods chosen and the management of our subcontractors. This also means that we are able to decide on adaptations to compensate for disabilities.

Integration, citizenship and participation in social life

As part of required cursus, by implementing legal obligations related to content, on this subject (including CFA apprenticeship contracts).

Individual consideration of every request

We have created the position of “Handicap Advisor” in our internal organization chart, whose role is to help us manage this issue in our day-to-day product and service offering. While this position is not a panacea, it should make things easier.

A warm welcome to all our beneficiaries.

The Board Members

Standard scheme for dealing with
disability in our services :

numéro 1 violet

Identification, type of disability and service required

numéro 2 violet

Determining the possibilities and possible adaptations to be made

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Decisions and implementation of necessary resources with specialized partners

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Interaction with internal teams, pedagogical teams and potential panels of examiners

Handicap Advisor Contact

Dr. Deborah VAROQUI



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