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The Omind approach for your executives and talents

You want your executives to set an example for a renewed leadership style  ?

Do you want to offer your talents pool experiences that build loyalty and prepare them
for success in positions of responsibility?

formation executives
Offer them a collective program that stimulates them to adopt a more aligned, sustainable, limit-aware and authentic leadership style.
formation executives
accompagnement Omind Neurotechnologies
Support your talents individually with an augmented coaching experience, combining one-to-one coaching and virtual reality experiences to raise awareness and train in a different, ultra-efficient way.
Conférence de sensibilisation Omind
Adopt an innovative, experiential and unifying team seminar format to boost collective intelligence. It’s also an opportunity to lead the way in the power of digital, immersive experiences and artificial intelligence.
Conférence de sensibilisation Omind

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to cope in any situation".

Intelligence Émotionnelle

What does the Omind approach offer for your executives and talents?


of talents ask for it: retain your talents by giving them more

formation exécutive Omind

A high-potential or key expert who leaves to join a competitor represents a loss of 3 to 4 times his or her annual salary. Yet 71% of Omind learners give top priority to being better and more effective in their day-to-day work: letting go, better time management… By integrating these objectives, you’ll be responding to this demand, which is now unavoidable.

formation exécutive Omind
rapport de données


Provide them with data and facts

Provide them with data
and facts

rapport de données

It’s sometimes hard to put “soft” skills at the top of the pile for executives, whose day is all about numbers and ROI. The Omind approach tackles these issues through what they understand best: irrefutable, validated data, scientific proof, measured before-and-after impact. Give your Cartesian minds their instruction manual.

3 - 4

coaching sessions accelerated by Omind experiences

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We know that coaching is effective, and accounts for 30% to 50% of a program’s impact. But coaching supported by technological tools is even better! According to our community of experts, the use of virtual reality tools with biofeedback makes it possible to target and accelerate 3 to 4 sessions. That saves precious time.

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