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LEO Pharma's CODIR strengthens its resilience and agility
thanks to neurotechnologies

Omind Neurotechnologies has, in partnership with its certified executive coach Vincent Dietsch (Latitude45), supported LEO Pharma to provide its CODIR with a new dynamic based on resilience, agility, innovation and the co-construction of new modes of cooperation.

The context

  • A team renewed during the COVID period, needing to establish strong links in record time due to the hybrid nature of the work.
  • The need to support the entire organization in a context of uncertainty linked to the health crisis and the company’s development

Exclusive interview with Karine Duquesne
- General Manager of Leo Pharma France -

Exclusive interview with Karine Duquesne

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“The experience really had a big impact on the whole team. The opportunity to link neuroscience, body reactions, creativity and innovation resulted in something very powerful that helped us better understand how we, as a team, could be more resilient, and more agile in the face of uncertain or changing situations.”

Karine Duquesne
General Manager – LEO Pharma France

Karine Duquesne
– General Manager –
LEO Pharma France

Omind Neurotechnologies' solution

10 leaders from LEO Pharma France took part in Omind Neurotechnologies’ virtual reality experience, allowing them to become aware of their strengths and development focuses in order to boost a new dynamic within the team.

The program includes 3 key moments:

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Individual assessment
in virtual reality
for each leader

Expérience Omind VR

After an interview with executive coach Vincent Dietsch, each participant was immersed in stimulating virtual reality environments.

During immersion, their body's reactions were measured objectively via sensors and sent back in real time (biofeedback).

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Individual feedback
by the coach


Feedback from the coach to each participant on the individual results of their emotional and cognitive assessment.

Thanks to the objective data collected in the virtual reality experience, there was a systemic awareness for each leader of his or her operating modes and behaviors to work on.

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intégrations sociales

After the individual feedback, group workshops were organized using the anonymized data to encourage authentic dialogue. Participants were able to share their vision of how their team functions. Leaders were able to work on their energy management, resilience and ability to cope with uncertainty, thanks to collaborative exercises and neuroscientific insights.

Vincent Dietsch,
Professional Coach
& Founder of Latitude45

“All the power of technology and data at the service of a very human and committed team: an outstanding experience!

In a very short space of time, we went a long way in learning, sharing authentic experiences and exploring the levers for action to develop more sustainable performance for each individual, for the team and for the organization. I’m very proud to have shared this high point with Karine Duquesne and her management team”.

Vincent Dietsch, Professional Coach & Founder of Latitude45

Vincent Dietsch

Impact for Leo Pharma


of participants found the experience differentiating from traditional offerings

impact leo pharma


perceived a positive impact on their well-being and performance

impact positif cas client


perceived a positive impact of the program on their ability to develop greater emotional resilience and agility in the face of uncertainty

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