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The Omind approach to taking a giant step forward in diversity & inclusion

Would you like to accelerate the development of your women’s diversity talent pool?

Would you like to raise your organization’s awareness of cognitive gender bias in an innovative way?

formation leaders femmes
Through playful experiential workshops using games, science and data, raise your organization’s awareness of the impact of cognitive biases on our behavior.
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Create an impactful program for your pool of women leaders. In cohorts of 8 to 50 leaders, engage and retain them in programs combining peer-to-peer co-development, virtual reality, data and augmented coaching.

Download our training plan "Asserting authentic leadership
overcoming self-limiting gender biases".

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What's the added value of Omind Women Leaders training?


Become aware of your limiting beliefs

Become aware of your
limiting beliefs

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At Omind, we’ve measured that women rate themselves 11 points below their men colleagues when it comes to managing emotions and stress, while our objective measurements show… no difference! Omind helps them to gain confidence and overcome their limiting beliefs.

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Take control of your development

Take control of your

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In women’s programs, debates between peers can be passionate. Omind programs use data and a solution-focused approach to bring the subject into focus: “What can I do about it?


of your talents demand more: build loyalty!

of your talents demand
more: build loyalty!

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An executive who leaves for a competitor represents a loss of 3 to 4 times his or her annual salary. Yet 71% of Omind learners give top priority to being better and more effective in their day-to-day work: letting go, better time management… By integrating these objectives, you’ll be responding to this demand which is now unavoidable.

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